with just a hammer, anvil and furnace, artist Yaron Bob melts, moulds and sculpts Kassam rocket metal into gorgeous flowers.

'Rockets into Roses' products are unique, hand-sculpted works of art, fashioned by metal sculptor Yaron Bob, from actual rockets that landed in Israel. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, custom, hand-made, very limited edition collector's item.

Yaron Bob, a metal sculptor living on the Gaza border in southern Israel, pictured with his precious roses made from Kassam Rockets.
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Most roses take at least three to four hours of turning and twisting the rocket metal, and hand-sculpting intricate petals and leaves onto the rose. The larger, more detailed roses and bouquets can take significantly longer to create. 

The rose sculpture's base is shaped as the map of Israel. The stem is attached to the base in the town of Sderot, so that the rose literally "grows" from the place of destruction - where most of the rockets have landed. 

The Short and Long Stemmed Rose flowers bear a close resemblance to the actual metal of the rockets. While they are molded, twisted and beautifully shaped, they are thicker and a bit more "raw" than some of the other styles. 

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The "petite" and "fine petal" roses have a rounder shaped flower with drooping greenery below the flower. The petals are finer, thinner and a bit more elegant – and bear less resemblance to the actual rocket shell. Each piece is created with the utmost attention to detail and beauty. 

A certificate of authenticity accompanies each piece, attesting to the fact that the art was created from kassam rockets. Each certificate is signed and numbered - as these are very limited edition pieces of art. 

A portion of the proceeds goes towards building above-ground, portable bomb shelters in the city of Ashkelon. We are committed to building shelters in Ashkelon because it is a large city with relatively few bomb shelters. It is also within close range of the missiles that are being fired from Gaza. By purchasing these items, you are helping to protect the people of Israel.

Yaron Bob and the city of Ashkelon are most grateful for your support. Please refer all of your friends, family and associates to our site. We would appreciate your help in spreading this powerful life-changing message of 'Rockets into Roses' around the world.

'Rockets into Roses' artwork are true pieces of history - living proof that Israel has endured missile attacks for so many years. They have been presented to dignitaries such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. 

A silver plaque is attached to the base of the rose. On some of the plaques, we are able to show the date when the rocket landed in Israel.
Yaron Bob has become world famous because of all the media attention and as result his hand-sculpted roses have become collector's items. He has literally transformed instruments of death, weapons of war, into objects of great beauty and meaning, representing love, growth and great hope for a peaceful future.

And at the same time, this project helps to protect the citizens of Israel from future rocket attacks by providing much needed above-ground portable shelters.

The Israeli police are supportive of this project and are happy to help by providing the "rocket metal" needed to create these beautiful works of art. However, there are only a limited number of each item available for sale.

And it is our fervent hope that Yaron's roses remain very limited edition pieces.

Due to the custom, hand-made nature of our products and shipping time from the artist's location in Israel, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.